Sunday, November 20, 2011

Original Handmade Gothic Jewelry by EyesCreamJewelry.Com

Eyescream Gothic Jewelry strives to create original handmade Gothic Jewelry & dark artistic designs with attention to color, detail & quality.

Eyescream Gothic Jewelry

Eyescream is hand formed (upon order) & crafted with love to ensure their one of a kind quality, each creation is a totem adornment that will enhance any individuals lifestyle, with quality, originality and dramatic creative expression. You are Unique, Beautiful & Bold! Your adornments should reflect that as well.

Original Handmade Gothic Jewelry

For well over 24 years, Eyescream has utelized many mediums & techniques: Sterling Silver, Copper & Brass wire work, Scrimshaw on bone, Stone, Pearl, Glass, Art Clay Silver, clay, paper, paint, found objects, antiqued filigree wraps, sheet metal, textile and just about any art supply & material that peaks our interest.

Pieces have been cast, torched, pierced, hammered, embellished, carved, fired & baked, stamped, riveted, soldered, cold connected, beaded, layered & rolled. Eyescream can be described as Dynamic Gothic Jewelry to Inspire your Muse & intricate One of a Kind Creations of Decadence.

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