Sunday, November 6, 2011

BloodySilver.Com - Gothic Jewelry Silver

Bloodysilver.comis a site for all Gothic Silver enthusiasts and fans who enjoy the look and style of wearing Gothic jewelry crafted from real silver, but cannot afford to pay or do not want to fork out huge sums to purchase branded labels.

BloodySilver.Com - Gothic Jewelry Silver

We provide an attractive alternative to mainstream labels (such as Chrome Hearts, Justin Davis and Crazy Pig jewelry etc) by offering our customers similarly styled jewelry which completely replicates the look, feel and mood of the originals. To cater to fans of the originals, our jewelry is very closely inspired by original pieces from large designer labels.

All jewelry sold at is made only from 100% Solid 925 Sterling Silver which is the exact same material used by mainstream designer labels to manufacture the original Gothic Silver designs.
Therefore, our pieces have the exact same chunky and weighty feel as other Gothic designed jewelry. As such, our item prices, while low, are pegged to prevailing prices of pure silver, and are never unrealistically low.

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Why then are our prices still so competitive? Simply put, we are jewelry experts with years of experience in the industry. With the ability to leverage off our existing machinery, replicate moulds, obtain cheap raw materials and reach out to you cheaply through internet marketing channels, (and of course, our willingness to make a fair profit and accept lower margins) we are able to deliver close replicas at a tiny fraction of what mainstream designer labels would cost you.

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