Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gothic Jewelry Necklaces at

Gothic jewelry reminds us of medieval age when men and women strove for to look mystical, unorthodox not to mention occasionally even outrageous. Gothic jewelry, such as gothic braclelets, gothic necklaces, gothic chokers even gothic cufflinks evoke imagery of the frightful, grotesque, gory and the outside of natural: withchery, warlocks, dark magic, vampires and the black arts.

Gothic Jewelry Necklaces at

As a result, presently there are several items that might interest somebody's gothic side. Though these days gothic fashion seems to be more of a fashion movement rather than a stigma of belonging to the dark side.

Designer Gothic Jewelry & Accessories

Antiqued fine English pewter serpent dragons each coil around an amethyst faceted crystal teardrop. Beneath them, a central marquise cut amethyst crystal, then a flourish heart which dangles a third teardrop amethyst crystal.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Original Handmade Gothic Jewelry by EyesCreamJewelry.Com

Eyescream Gothic Jewelry strives to create original handmade Gothic Jewelry & dark artistic designs with attention to color, detail & quality.

Eyescream Gothic Jewelry

Eyescream is hand formed (upon order) & crafted with love to ensure their one of a kind quality, each creation is a totem adornment that will enhance any individuals lifestyle, with quality, originality and dramatic creative expression. You are Unique, Beautiful & Bold! Your adornments should reflect that as well.

Original Handmade Gothic Jewelry

For well over 24 years, Eyescream has utelized many mediums & techniques: Sterling Silver, Copper & Brass wire work, Scrimshaw on bone, Stone, Pearl, Glass, Art Clay Silver, clay, paper, paint, found objects, antiqued filigree wraps, sheet metal, textile and just about any art supply & material that peaks our interest.

Pieces have been cast, torched, pierced, hammered, embellished, carved, fired & baked, stamped, riveted, soldered, cold connected, beaded, layered & rolled. Eyescream can be described as Dynamic Gothic Jewelry to Inspire your Muse & intricate One of a Kind Creations of Decadence.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Men’s Gothic Jewelry by Stephen Einhorn

Here you can do a bit of sleuthing and find out all about us. Here you can see biogs of all the ‘Beautiful People’ at Stephen Einhorn and we ARE lovely, as you can see.

Men’s Gothic Jewelry by Stephen Einhorn

We have a vast pool of expert qualifications and skills with which to draw on in any one working day. Stephen leads the team from the front as it were, because if he did it from the back we wouldn’t be able to see him.

Men’s Skull jewellery

This is Stephen Einhorn's skull jewellery collection, designed and handcrafted in his London workshops using solid precious metals (there's no plating here!) and hand-selected precious stones.

Skull jewellery and in particular skull rings have worked their way into the mainstream, oh yes! All you wearers of skull rings have changed shape: you are not all dying your hair black, you've taken on a more conventional look. Sometimes you are even (dare I say it?) wearing twin sets!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Handcrafted Sterling Silver Gothic Jewelry by JewelryByAnixi.Com

Our handmade Gothic and dark jewelry, silver necklaces, silver bracelets, silver pendants, silver rings and gothic earrings are made of .925 sterling silver and embody quality and workmanship that is typical of Anixi silver jewelry.


Our popular Gothic style jewelry are all about darkness, opulence and things associated with death and elegance. Select from our wide variety of sterling silver jewelry in the shapes of silver crosses, silver dragons, skull rings, Celtic knots, or Pagan symbols.

Handcrafted Sterling Silver Gothic Jewelry by JewelryByAnixi.Com

Our Dark Gothic Silver Pendants make perfect Gifts for Graduation Jewelry, Father's Day, Valentines Day, Anniversary Gift, or as a Prom Night Jewelry gift for that special occasion you wish to commemorate.

For centuries silver jewelry has been worn as a sign of individuality and as a symbol of distinction. It’s not difficult to see why. Silver jewelry is ageless in its beauty and is synonymous with a sense of masculine style. It is a metal unparalleled in its looks and versatile in it use.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

BloodySilver.Com - Gothic Jewelry Silver

Bloodysilver.comis a site for all Gothic Silver enthusiasts and fans who enjoy the look and style of wearing Gothic jewelry crafted from real silver, but cannot afford to pay or do not want to fork out huge sums to purchase branded labels.

BloodySilver.Com - Gothic Jewelry Silver

We provide an attractive alternative to mainstream labels (such as Chrome Hearts, Justin Davis and Crazy Pig jewelry etc) by offering our customers similarly styled jewelry which completely replicates the look, feel and mood of the originals. To cater to fans of the originals, our jewelry is very closely inspired by original pieces from large designer labels.

All jewelry sold at is made only from 100% Solid 925 Sterling Silver which is the exact same material used by mainstream designer labels to manufacture the original Gothic Silver designs.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gothic Hoop Earrings TheRallyShack.Co.Uk

The Rally Shack are pleased to announce that we now offer wholesale on our Alternative Baby and Kid's collections.


Please note: We do not supply for re-sale on ebay or other auction sites, unless you have registered business premises. We will require you to have either a website or shop premises before we will release details about wholesale pricing - Sorry but we must protect our other retailers interests first. We do not drop-ship.

Gothic Hoop Earrings TheRallyShack.Co.Uk

Here you can find and buy
Gothic, biker, tattoo, punk, skater, mosh, rock, clothes and alternative UK clothing, jewellery, boots and shoes. Biker Leather Jackets & Jeans. Alternative Baby Clothing and Kids Clothes. Rock and Band Wallets, Caps, Belts, Badges, Gifts, Posters, Shoes, Flags, Bags.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gothic Jewelry and Accessories at RavenEve.Com

These pieces are meant to look like they were each a sentimental antique treasure that has been handed down, worn for years, repaired and added to. "So I took a break from my online business and in 2004 my boyfriend at the time and I decided to open a bead store. Beetle beads was my retail store and Raven Eve Jewelry studio combined. That is when I started metal smithing and lamp working glass again and reopened Raven Eve Jewelry in 2005 with a new vision and site design. Beetle Beads closed in late 2007, as the Michigan economy worsened, it just did not make sense to keep it open.Especially with the website doing so much better.

Gothic Jewelry and Accessories

Since then it has been Raven Eve full-time again! I still have to work 7 days a week! However, it is a labor of love as I feel blessed to be able to wake up and go do something I love to do and has been my life's ambition everyday. My new works are more true to my heart and now that I can use my own metal and glass work are even more original and collectible."

Gothic Jewelry and Accessories at RavenEve.Com

Order your very own custom made Capelet. A divine piece that can be worn as a dramatic chain cape, bib style drippy necklace, or hip belt! Totally rever sable, you can wear the main bead work in the front, back or to the side for maximum accessorizing! I will make you a custom version of this, each piece will vary but all turn out beautiful.