Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Men’s Gothic Jewelry by Stephen Einhorn

Here you can do a bit of sleuthing and find out all about us. Here you can see biogs of all the ‘Beautiful People’ at Stephen Einhorn and we ARE lovely, as you can see.

Men’s Gothic Jewelry by Stephen Einhorn

We have a vast pool of expert qualifications and skills with which to draw on in any one working day. Stephen leads the team from the front as it were, because if he did it from the back we wouldn’t be able to see him.

Men’s Skull jewellery

This is Stephen Einhorn's skull jewellery collection, designed and handcrafted in his London workshops using solid precious metals (there's no plating here!) and hand-selected precious stones.

Skull jewellery and in particular skull rings have worked their way into the mainstream, oh yes! All you wearers of skull rings have changed shape: you are not all dying your hair black, you've taken on a more conventional look. Sometimes you are even (dare I say it?) wearing twin sets!

Yes, wearers of skull jewellery are now all types and we love it. Skull rings have become more than just a design, they have reached an iconic status.

When you wear a skull ring you're making a statement. Symbols of strength, rebellion and style, Stephen Einhorn's skull rings are coveted by fierce fashion editors, Hollywood and British A-listers, rock n' rollers and hard-ass bikers alike.

Official website stepheneinhorn.co.uk

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