Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gothic Jewelry - Alchemy Gothic Jewelry at DragonWeave.com

DragonWeave Jewelry is a home based company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, founded in 1999. We present this collection of unique and stylish silver jewelry in designs ranging from gothic and
Gothic Jewelry - Alchemy Gothic Jewelry at DragonWeave.com
Celtic mythology, goddess, angel, and animal motifs, Japanese, Chinese, and ancient Egyptian symbols, and striking modern jewelry designs. And, of course, every silver dragon charm we can find.

Pair of enamelled dog tags for the luckless gambler, from Alchemy Gothic! The aces of all four suits are represented on the front in red and black, and the ornately engraved reverse reads:
Gothic Jewelry
"Tough Luck". Polished English pewter with red and black enamelling, twin pendants are each 2" by 1". Comes on 24" 2mm ball chain with connector. Smaller chain is 4" keychain length, also with ball chain connector.

We are always eager to hear your comments and suggestions, feel free to drop us a line and share your opinions and ideas. We will do our best to make DragonWeave Jewelry a rewarding experience for you!

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