Monday, December 19, 2011

Vampire Jewelry from

Nothing says sexy and elegant like vampire jewelry. These extraordinary pendants, chokers, and vamp necklaces are made from the finest materials and will feel like pure ecstasy against your ghastly vampiric white skin. Our vampire jewellery is second to none, as you fade into the night.

Vampire Jewelry from

Throughout time, those things which are deemed to be out of the mainstream, occult or of a darker nature are usually seen as negative, wrong or inappropriate. True beauty can often be found in things that have long since lost their luster...

Jewelry from

Thirty+ years of age and happy for all of the mistakes I have made, as each one has posed a learning experience.My lifelong childhood aspiration was to be a chef/restaurant owner. After working in some of the top establishments in the U.S., working in a 3-star Michelin restaurant in Amsterdam, Holland at age twenty-one, and designing my own restaurant, I choose life.

"I took a detour into the corporate world for several years, which greatly lacks originality, and is mind numbing. After finally winding up in a hole, depressed and dead broke, I took quite a while to choose a new direction and think about what deep seated interests, unanswered questions and passions I have, and how to pursue them.

Always having had an interest in all things occult, artistic and creative, it became clear starting a Gothic shop was a good fit. I then sold just about everything I owned, cut almost all expenses and began intently working on Obscuria".

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