Friday, December 23, 2011

Although Alchemy Gothic at

Although Alchemy Gothic do not sell their jewellery, decor and accessories from the official Alchemy site, they rely on retailers such as Glittergoth to provide excellent customer service and a valuable shopping experience to all those interested in owning an Alchemy piece.

Although Alchemy Gothic at

Alchemy Gothic pride themselves on attention to detail, and both jewelry and d├ęcor items are often embellished with stunning Austrian crystal detail. Although the colour of these gems may vary based on availability at the point of production, quality is always an essential part of Alchemy’s mission statement.

Gothic jewelry & accessories

Many crystal details, such as those found in the La Fleur De Baudelaire Necklace are Swarovski, a well-known crystal brand than ensures quality and craftsmanship are maintained throughout the creation process.

For information on Alchemy Gothic or any of their ranges, please email the Alchemy Gothic information team, or check out the Official Alchemy Gothic Facebook Page.

Alternatively, browse the stunning collection of jewellery and decor at Glittergoth, and purchase an exquisite Alchemy creation to call your own.

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