Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gothic Earrings at

Conceived out of a stall on Chesterfield Market in the 1980’s, the shop Rocky Horrors opened on 13th October 1990, on the top floor of a very old and rickety Dickensian little mesters (cuttlery workshop) on Cambridge Street in the centre of Sheffield, selling rock and heavy metal merchandise.

Older customers may remember the all black interior with ‘blood’ dripping down the walls, no windows, the roof that continually leaked and the ingenious system which caught all the water and sometimes the plaster and directed it into a bucket hanging precariously from a nail above the changing room.

Gothic Earrings at

Luckily we never had a visit from health and safety who would almost certainly have closed us down for the state of the stairs alone nevermind the staff toilet with its clear view through the floor to the courtyard below!

However we did once have a visit from the police about our ground floor window display. Aparantly a woman had complained because the rock chick manequin holding a severed head had frightened her son, so we were told to change it. We dutifully obliged and replaced the offending head for a 4 foot inflatable penis with a sign on it saying “Would you prefer this Madam?” We don’t know if she saw it but we left it there for a week or two.

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