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Gothic Jewelry For Men

Gothic jewelry for men has gained movement in the past several years. It is not a new creation, as Gothic symbols and beliefs have been around for centuries. Gothic symbolism comes in many forms and sizes, singly or in combination. Most common symbols include skulls (either in single or in multiples, often with red eyes), crosses that are stylized, knives, gargoyles, ankhs, pentagrams, dragons, blood dripping, and Celtic knots. There are other symbols less commonly found, but these are the most common that are attributed to Gothic styles and beliefs.

Vampire Gothic Bat Ring

Gothic symbols and their wearing have been merged in modern day times with Wiccan, Pagan, Atheist, New Age and Witchcraft symbolicism and wear, though it does not necessarily mean any one or a combination of these beliefs. Since it is not widely practiced or talked about, and not a part of mainstream culture, there is often confusion surrounding all of these symbols, beliefs, and their practices. Most people commonly tie any of these to Devil worship, but that is not the case.

Gothic Jewelry

Gothic jewelry in recent years has become more common, often as a result of media, music, and movie exposure to the symbols and their meanings. It is not considered so uncommon anymore to wear Gothic jewelry or clothing, therefore making it easier to find jewelry and apparel.

Gothic jewelry for men often features larger charms or medallions than that intended for women. Some men’s pieces may also be darker and more graphic in their depictions than that of women’s Gothic jewelry. Jewelry intended for men may have special symbols from alchemy meant only for wearing by men; for a woman to wear may bring harm or bad luck to her. Therefore, it is important to know the meaning behind each symbol or design, and to pick jewelry that is appropriate for the wearer.

Dragons are one of the most commonly found pieces of jewelry. Sometimes there are red or other color stones embedded in the design, such as for the eyes of the dragon. Celtic knots are commonly found, either alone in a circular or star shaped medallion, or as a part of the background of another element, such as an ankh or gargoyle. An ankh is commonly referred to as a modified cross, not to be confused with a Gothic cross, which has a distinct, modified look from that of the Christian cross. Gargoyles resemble statues modeled after figures that were placed on top of buildings during the Gothic period in art and architecture, meant to scare away evil spirits and harm.

Gothic Necronomicon Locket

Gothic jewelry for men can be made of stainless steel, sterling silver, gold over sterling silver, or yellow or white gold. More unusual pieces may be made from titanium, copper, or something else like ceramics. On occasion, pieces will be engraved, either with initials of the wearer, a pattern, or a phrase. Enamel or jewels as a part of the design is not uncommon. To find Gothic jewelry for men, it is usually found in boutiques, clothing stores, novelty stores, and sometimes music or New Age stores. The internet can also be a source for men’s Gothic jewelry.

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