Monday, March 21, 2011

Gothic Earrings

Those who read up on the way of thought adapted by wearers of Gothic jewelry will find that it supports the need for a coexistence of good and evil. However the pictures of Gothic earrings posted on the Internet fail to offer the expected mix of saintly and devilish objects. Instead, they seem to contain a heavy concentration of evil images.

Gothic Earrings

Interestingly, some of the offered sets of Gothic earrings feature objects that hail from a time that well preceded the appearance of Gothic-themed accessories. For example, at least two sets of ear pieces reflect the continued influence of Edgar Allan Poe’s poem, “The Raven.” On one set of ear pieces, the jeweler has paired two images, both of which resemble a raven. The other item features a pair of dark raven’s eyes.

Both ear pieces indicate that the recurring word in Poe’s poem, “nevermore,” does not predict an end to the desire by some to wear evil looking objects. In fact, online statements about some of the pictured earrings seem to verify that impression. One web site offers an earpiece named “Queen of the Night.” It describes that piece as “the epitome of wickedness.”

Some Gothic earrings come with a matching necklace. The earpieces with the raven look even more frightful when worn with the matching necklace. Neck accessories also strengthen the evil message of the dangles with either a dark heart, or with a “Queen of the Night” symbol. Yet even in the absence of a necklace, the objects that dangle from many Gothic earrings can look exceedingly menacing and evil.

One pair of such dangles displays a pair of tiny coffins. A jeweler has placed that symbol of internment at the end of a short chain. Another pair allows a black heart with wings to hang from each pierced and decorated lobe. A third pair contains red crystals. Those red stones are meant to symbolize blood, thus creating an earring in which a heart seems to drip blood.

Another jeweler put a red stone in the center of a dagger’s handle. That piece echoes the menacing look of ancient weapons. The fearsome nature of that symbol becomes magnified in yet another set of ear pieces. In each earring a silver skull rests on a red heart. That skull has been skewered by a blade.

Gothic Knife Earrings

A more modern thinking craftsman has made a pair of earrings that bear the image of a tattoo gun. A playful jeweler has fashioned a pair of ear pieces with two smoking skulls. Each skull is wearing a top hat and has a bottle and a dagger at its throat.

Two other pairs display an item used to attach and hold a living thing. One pair displays two black widow spiders. The other two ropes, ropes that appear shaped into a hangman’s noose. While pictures of these ear pieces appear in response to a request for Gothic earrings, they do not seem to contain any good or saintly image. One must assume that the enhancement of a woman’s face qualifies as a desirable and saintly act.

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